Recruiting agencies have complex needs...

You have to market yourself. You have to track your applicants and connect with companies that need talent. You have to nurture both groups through a process that leads to a successful placement.

You are in charge of a website and someone has to stay busy keeping it fresh. You need to keep producing 'content' and feeding social media to stay 'relevant'. Marketing is a full time job.

You have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and a Content Management System (CMS). Plus all the plugins, themes, addons, integrations and custom programming to make things work together.

North Creek's reason for being is to help small businesses 'flow'. The recruiting industry is full of great ideas and big disconnects. My experience doing data integration means I don't think I can build one big tool to do everything, but there's a need for a system that can integrate a stable of tools.

If you are interested in a simple ATS, a simple CRM, and a simple CMS that all connect to each other, and all integrate seamlessly with best-of-breed tools, subscribe here. I'll be building this system based on what you tell me.

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