This calculator (from Michelle Stair at Telvista) gives you an estimate of the effort required to fill any number of Hires.

Adjust your assumptions and change your target to see how many resumes you need to source.

Input number of forecasted hires in the yellow box.

# Numbers needed per step in process Pass Rate Assumed percentages
Number of Hires 75% will join (25% no-show rate)
19 Number of Offers Accepted 90% will accept the offer
21 Number who passed Bkgd/ DT 70% will pass background / drug test
30 Number of Ops Interviews 75% will pass the interviews and receive an offer
40 Number of Recruiter Prescreens 50% pass recruiter prescreen
79 Number of Sourced resumes 83% of applicants agree to continue the process
95 Number of total resumes

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