Who needs Coffee Break MBA?

Coffee Break MBA is not for everyone.

It's *not* for you if:

* You just want your employees to do their jobs and go home.

* You already have your business figured out for the next 5 years.

* Your employees are incapable of learning.

* Your employees have no ambition and don't want to climb the career ladder.

* You already know which of your employees has potential and which should get promoted.

* You've solved your business problems and sleep peacefully every night, making money without stress.

If this describes you and your company, please *do not* call me at 780-604-2602 or email me at You will not be interested in distributed corporate training that will turn your company into a learning organization from the ground up. You won't want to know what books you and your staff could be reading to help them where they are, right now.

Actually, if that describes you, please call me! I'd love to learn how you are doing it! (wink)

Happy Victoria Day!


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