Small Data

Small Data

Everyone is excited about Big Data. Millions of data sources, streaming full time into vast data stores, tended by giant-brained data scientists, producing "insight" for mega-businesses.

But you need to worry about payroll, A/R, A/P, inventory, cash - maybe a few other things. Nothing too big, and you probably have a KPI* that you watch most closely of all.

Not Big. Small Data.

The 90s produced the spreadsheet, a great tool for small data. You can what-if, you can dream, you can look at scenarios and goal-seek. Spreadsheets can even do Medium Data, but mostly you just do Small Data, the important stuff.

If you don't need Big Data, but you do need better visibility into your Small Data, DataButler will help by organizing it behind the scenes. When you need information from someone, DataButler will create a simple form and a link you can send, and it will integrate the information you get back into your spreadsheet.

If you are tracking several things (locations, people, projects), if they have a unique ID, you can put that ID in column A in a bunch of spreadsheets and DataButler will link them all together into one big list of data, notifying you if there are different cell values in that row from different sources.

DataButler will help clean up your spreadsheets by noticing what is changing and what is staying the same over time.

A Butler isn't a scientist. A Butler is personal. A Butler deals with the little things.

Let us help you with your Small Data.

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*Key Performance Indicator

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