Launch Countdown



We are getting close to the end of January. DataButler is not quite ready to launch yet, but we do have a signup for people who want to be in on the beta. We will start admitting people to the beta based on (a) who signs up first, and (b) who invites the most friends to the party. Please help to get the word out!

The product vision is becoming clearer - the repository is the base product (what I called CXL). But integration within the repository will be a huge part of the value - just by giving a row a unique ID, you'll have the equivalent of a join in a database, with a merge feature that will collect all the rows that have the same ID.

ListMaker will also be a huge value add within DataButler - instant, one-touch web forms based on the columns in the spreadsheet that you need filled in. Lots of people have quick web forms - these will tie back into your spreadsheet immediately. And you can use a full spreadsheet as a base for a ListMaker form - just designate some columns and the new data will be added to the document as it comes in.

There are lots of places where you could use this - how many times have you texted someone with some detail questions? Now you can text them the hyperlink to a form. They fill out the form, hit submit, and the answers are in your document.

Screenshots and demos coming soon!

Sign up here!

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