Data Flows


Data Flows

Businesses exist as a series of data and material flows, human decisions, and relationships. North Creek is aiming to improve your data flows. That can give you better insight into your business, and help you make better decisions. It may even get you home earlier, improving your relationships!

Primary data needs to be gathered - from POS terminals, from workers in the field, from surveys. That data gains value as team members look at it, sort it, collate and conflate it, and make expert judgments based on it.

That data becomes the source for more judgment calls and more analysis. BI tools offer a way to drill down from charts all the way back to "primary" data. But that primary data is just what is available to the tool.

It makes sense that spreadsheets are used as the analysis and sorting tool most of the time. Whether online or on your desktop, putting data into rows and columns that can be shifted around and manipulated makes sense to knowledge workers.

The problem is that spreadsheets are a dead end - hard to import data in, hard to export knowledge out - unless they are in the hands of experts.

North Creek wants to make the flow in and out easier. Mobile data collection that goes straight into a master spreadsheet. Linking of related data across spreadsheets within a corporate repository. The ability to drill "back" to the primary data that led to the numbers you are seeing. This will be possible.

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In 2015, let your business data flow.

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